you can mix all images, words, color shirt & color ink Vous pouvez mélanger toutes les différentes images, mots & de chemise de couleur, encre de couleur
A.1 Forest Green in the Arial brand B.B2 this is called 'aloe green' in the Arial brand CC3. "Forest Green" in the Gideon brand
D.4 olive E.5 F.6 kelly green yellow ink is below
F.7 should be red but looks more pink on my monitor F.8 this color is called 'jade' F.9 red and black
G.7 should be 'cardnal red' H.8 should be just plain red although it looks pink! I.9 this is called 'paprika'
J.10 K.11

L.12 my favorite

L.13 L.14 L.15
1 2 3
one=huggers centered plain type 2= off to the side and fun type + also my favorite 3=purple ink
4 5 6
4= crossword type , also i can remove the side type 5= fun type + empty at top 6= lots of type top and bottom
7 8 9
7=lots of H type on red 8= simple + H type 9= fun type + slanted kinshasa
10 11 12
10 = just to show a different color combination 11=should say Kinshasa + this shirt style is a close out, might be cheap, i'm waiting for a response. 12 - might be fun to have a two if prices are good
13 14 15

13 - just to show a two color on a two color shirt, i will look into prices for the shirts on this

14 another example of this type of shirt 15 not sure if this could be a one print....
14 15 16
14 big face 15 little big face 16 for the nyc hip hop market!!
17 18 19
17 yellow t shirt with black and white inks 18 grey and black ink

19 grey and black ink

20= best with 2 color inks + bleach - + type    
Round 2