When No One is Looking......
Facial Exercises for Bonobo Language Skills and Development
Bonobo do it better
Bananas; More than just Potassium
The Difference Between Humans and Bonobo
I'll Teach You a Few Words and a Game, But Don't Tell Anyone
Still Trusting
Kitty: Origins of Lip Smacking
Kitty: The Lure
Kitty: Origins of Self Conscience Behavior
Grooming vs. Language : Case 1
No Means No
No Still Means No
Not Bonobo - Ants pt.1
Not Bonobo - Ants - pt.2 Traffic
Not Bonobo - River
Age vs Alpha and the origins of "Horsey"
Lessons from Tembo: How to Relax -Don't Rush
Grooming vs. Language Case 2
Lessons from Tembo: Eliminate Distractions and Relax some More
comming soon
I Will Show You
Normal 5 minutes
In A Hurry 2min30sec
On Speed 1min30sec
Watch this one - He's the one who bit Suzie
2011 ?
just one video - normal, fast, superfast and silly
Silly 3min 33 sec