Artist Statement

Why. I don’t know.  I just like to paint.

Why do I paint what I paint? It seems like it is something that has the potential to make a difference.
The usual ponderings of self -identity and social criticisms just don’t seem to matter much to me right now, but our actions as a species do and our effects on other species really do and so that is how I came to be obsessed with bonobo.  They are probably the easiest of all the other animals to identify with- a real window into animal behavior that we can all use as a mirror. 

(Think of them like any foreign culture, we don’t speak the same language and we might not be able to understand all their norms, but we can respect them nonetheless and even envy their high living standards.)

In conclusion....

My humble words: I hope to keep painting and with any luck, I’ll make a few that some people might like…

My alter ego:  I plan on taking over the world with a manifesto of vegetarianism that will bring an end to not only the elimination but also the suffering of all animals including our own species, especially women – who will lead the way where everyone will be an artist because we’ll finally be able to retain our natural abilities that all people are born with dating back something like 30,000 years and the world will be a better place.

Thank you.

Artist Propaganda
Coming soon....